Mrs. Nneka Chiazor, pose in a traditional attire to mark her 50th birthday....recently

By John Iwori

Mrs. Nneka Chiazor is not an ordinary woman. She combines beauty and brain. She is not among the pretty ladies in town who think that with their prettiness they can get whatever they want without working for it. She is not idle. She works. She works for Cox Communications as Market Vice President for Hampton Roads, United States of America (USA). Cox Communications, Incorporated also known as Cox Cable is not a small firm. It is an American digital cable television provider, telecommunications and home automation services.

This reporter has heard about her long before our paths crossed at her mother’s 60th birthday and send forth ceremony at NICON Luxury Hotel, Abuja over a decade ago. Not a few are attracted to her positive attributes and vibes. For anyone wondering where the nerves and knack for getting things done well are coming from, wait for a moment. An African proverb says a fruit does not fall too far away from its tree. Nneka is the daughter of the erstwhile Director in the Federal Ministry of Transportation and later, Acting Managing Director, National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Chief (Mrs.) Chinwe. F. O. Ezenwa. Since her exit from service, the former top civil servant has not left anyone in doubt that she is retired but not tired. This is a path Nneka is clearly following without telling anyone.

She hit the golden age recently and did not spare efforts to celebrate with her family, friends and close associates in the land of the white. No matter how old a child is the mother still regards her as a child. It was therefore not surprising that Ezenwa spared some time in her very busy schedules, especially at this period of the year to celebrate with her daughter. As she climbs the fifth floor, Maritime Bits wish Nneka the golden lady more fruitful years in the service of God and humanity. Happy hearty 50 cheers to Nneka, the one and only wife of Mr. Francis Chiazor! More grease to your elbows!


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