Mrs. Moyna David-Ejor

Mrs. Moyna David-Ejor, the author of a newly published book, Spring Bud is a Nigerian presently living in Canada with her family. In this exclusive interview with Maritime Bits, she gave an insight into why she wrote the book and how its readers can discover purpose in life. Excerpts.

As the author of the book, Spring Bud, can you give us an insight to your background?

My name is Mrs. Moyna David-Ejor. I am a Nigerian of the Ijaw tribe. I am educated. I pursued a B. ED degree in Political Science and Education at the University of Ibadan via the erstwhile Rivers State University of Education, Port Harcourt. I also went to CDI College in Canada to become an immigration consultant and I have featured in the LWL magazine of co-authors. I am a co-author in Broken Trust Anthology, an international best-selling book besides being an athlete and a confidence coach. I am also a co-author of another anthology, The Rising Eagles.

What were your growing years like?

My growing up years was interesting. While I was growing up with my parents, Michael and Irene Erekosima (née Amakiri-Tariah), I acquired business skills which came in handy in my marital life both in Nigeria and Ghana as I rendered educational consultancy services.

Are you married and do you have children?

Yes I am happily married to Elder David Mba Ejor and we are blessed with three biological children, Lemmuel, Haziel, and Abdiel Triel.

What is your passion?

I have passion to touch lives. That is why I am part of a non-profit organization in Canada and also one of the trustees in Triel Compassionate Home Foundation.

Have you always had it in mind that you would write this book?

Yes. It has always been in my mind.

What were the messages you are trying to pass across with in your book?

The message am trying to pass on is that people should try to live a life of purpose. I also enumerated the steps taken to achieve this. 

Do you have any specific challenge you passed through in writing this book?

As an author I pass through a lot. I almost thought it is something which was impossible but God saw me through every odd.

What was your greatest motivation in publishing this book, what was the process like?

My greatest motivation was the availability of the right tools in bringing this book to the limelight. The process of having the right software, making typing so easy which also enhanced the easy editing to formatting and publication.

Apart from the publication by the publisher, what steps did you take to make sure your book get out there?

Other steps taken are the ability to make known the release of the book prior to the publication on Facebook as a way of publicity.

How was the book launch?

It is yet to be launched.

Could you please tell us about your experience with your publisher?

I did not have any unpleasant experience because the publication was not cumbersome as a result of the use of the right tools.

Since the book was made public, how has the experience been and what do you intend to do after now?

The experience is being great especially been the first time publishing my own solo book. Also, I am about to start writing another book.

Where can interested readers get this book?

Interested readers can grab their copies from Amazon

What is your parting shot for your readers?

My parting shot is to tell the readers of this book that God has made all things beautiful in this life and so there is no reason for one to live someone else’s life which is suicidal but rather do an inward search to discover one’s purpose to enjoy this life.

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