A man who was arrested in Texas for having a license plate flipper was already prohibited from driving on a toll road because he owed $5,473.07 in tolls, police said in a Friday social media post.

Preston Cody Talbot, 27, was arrested Thursday for possession of the device, said Mark Herman, constable of Harris County, Texas, Precinct 4. Herman’s Facebook post showed that when activated, the gadget blacked out the car’s rear license plate.

“He would activate this device, putting a flipper down in front of his license plate, so the cameras at toll plazas could not read his plate,” Houston TV station KHOU quotes Herman.

Talbot’s mother told the station that the incident was a “stupid mistake.” While devices that flip license plates can be bought online, they are illegal to own in Texas, the station reports.

Culled from Yahoo


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